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william 100wc # 8

Filed under: Uncategorized — williamh at 7:00 pm on Friday, November 9, 2012

Grandparents are important because they are part of are famliy and we do stuf with them . I went out with my gandparents I went to a fun park. i went go-karting water-chute and it was very very cold and I wanted to come home but we stayed and played . It rained most of the time so we had lunch in side so we did not get wet . But we really enjoyed the day . I had a brocken rist when we were there so I did not do a lot but it was good to and I would love to go again now.



   Liz Goddard (TEAM 100WC)

12/11/2012 @ 17:29   Reply

Hi William,
I really enjoyed reading about your day out but I would have liked to hear more about why your grandparents are important.
Keep reading plenty and entering the 100 Word Challenge and your spelling will get better and better!



10/11/2012 @ 09:57   Reply

Wow William that very good:)

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