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Tilly’s Halloween home work

Filed under: Uncategorized — tillyp at 6:44 am on Monday, October 21, 2013

Early, one Halloween evening, Max was preparing to dress up as a creepy troll and go trick or treating with his friend, Alex.

Max decided to walk to Alex’s house a different way and told his mum he didn’t need a map.

When he came out of his house, he turned left and headed towards the gloomy, damp woods. He was sure he knew the shortcut but soon discovered he was quite lost. He didn’t recognise any of the trees or the path.
Max heard a snap of a branch behind him and he quickly turned around, and took a huge step backwards.
Slowly the sky got darker………



15/11/2013 @ 20:04   Reply

Tilly I want to know what happened next? Great 100WC!

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