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The scariest moment of my life.

Filed under: Uncategorized — kallic at 9:59 am on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On sataurday was Cecilias birthday party and me jacob Ryan and Travis came round .So when we all got there we went straight to the workshop when we got there we had some Pringles and some cola then cecilia played the drums for (It was very loud) .Then we all went to the tree house and played up there for 2 minutes intill we all went back to the workshop but me and ryan where to slow so we had to stand outside intill they would let us in. They did adventaully so we all went out again but me and ryan did get in so we lokked the door and i tried to unlook it but it wouldnt work.But the others wasnt there so we had to wait five miniutes intill they came it was so scary so after we had a disdco in pich black with torches.




02/11/2012 @ 11:26   Reply

that doese sound quiet scaery but praphs your mum locked it



30/10/2012 @ 14:18   Reply

That sounds good fun Kalli!
Mrs Gurney

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