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Sam’s 100wc # 8

Filed under: Uncategorized — samf at 7:02 pm on Friday, November 9, 2012

One sunny magnificent day a girl called Elizabeth went to see her grandparents her mum took her in her car at first she wasn’t that excited but when she got there you should have seen her face. She was very happy and Elizabeth said to her grandparents “do you know gradparents are important because they support you and there always there for you.” “Ah thankyou Elizabeth that’s really sweet thankyou darling I won’t ever forget what you said.”




18/11/2012 @ 13:48   Reply

Good use of speech marks, Sam. Grandparents try hard to make children happy, don’t they.


   Nadine (Team 100WC)

13/11/2012 @ 10:21   Reply

Hi Sam
That was a lovely, sentimental piece of writing. Thank you for sharing that. Maybe a few more full stops next time would be helpful. I still enjoyed it though.
Nadine (Team 100WC)

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