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Sam’s 100 w c week 8

Filed under: Uncategorized — samf at 9:58 am on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

One misty, gloomy and when it was not that nice a morning people were just chucking stuff away. That they could have just easily recycled if they had just got off of the sofa and went out-side then it could have been reused again and turned into different things. Instead of just going to a landfill and just rotting apart from some materials. They just stay there for ever and never come out apart from if someone takes it out. Just then I saw Michael Recycle!!! I knew that if I told him, those people that were just chucking stuff away would go to Recycle prison!

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30/10/2012 @ 14:27   Reply

What a great story Sam! It is really important to tell people about why recycling is important for our environment isn’t it? I like your use of description too 🙂
Mrs Gurney

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