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My werdo peom!

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My poem!


As fit as a fish

As donkey as a dish

As cool as a cat

As moody as a mat

As jolly as jack

As silly as sack

As killing as kalli

As smiley as sally

As loopy as Logan

As rude as Rogan

As cunning as a cheetah

As wet as a litre

As naughty as a needle

As red as a rabbit

As sick as a sabbit

As grumpy as a goat

As cosy as a coat J



   Mrs Darling

26/10/2012 @ 20:09   Reply

‘As donkey as a dish’ that is just such a fantastically strange simile 😉 I wonder how a dish can be donkey?

Mrs Darling



26/10/2012 @ 20:01   Reply

i like this peom

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