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My summer holidays by Grace

Filed under: Uncategorized — gracet at 1:23 pm on Saturday, October 6, 2012

My birthday was in the holidays and for my birthday I went to Adventure Isalnd. My favirote ride was Rage because it was really good ,fast and fantasic in the rain. I took my friend Lara she loved it but she was scared at first. She was very nervous about Rage when she first saw it she also said that she was not so sure about the loop to loop on Rage. After a while we went on the bumber cars me and Lara struggled a lot because if you turn slightly you will turn in a hole circle.For my holiday I went to France and we stayed in a really cool hotal with a bar and a about 12 inch tv with some table and some chairs on one of those three days in France we went to Disenyland paris. While the paraide was on I was waiting for the Mikey mouse and Minne mouse I tried to wave because there was too many peapole to be able to stand at the front of the roung about where they were going around I waved to Minne mouse and she waved back! I even got a piture of her blowing me a kiss. thanks for readingxxx




08/10/2012 @ 13:03   Reply

thanks for putting me in pale



06/10/2012 @ 13:26   Reply

What a great time you must have had in the summer Grace! I still love roller coasters even though I’m getting a bit old!!



    07/10/2012 @ 17:54   

    Thanks Mrs Gurney I don’t think your getting old

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