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Michael Recycle 100WC#4 By Ruth

Filed under: Ruth,Uncategorized — ruthmc at 4:51 pm on Monday, October 29, 2012

One day a family was walking to the fair in the park when Michael Recycle saw a little girl who threw a Cupcake rapper in the river!Michael Recycle rushed fdown and told that little girl”why did you do that what happons if a fish got stuck in that it could die!”he said ”wow I diddn’t know that !”she said”well i bet you don’t know this 3 is a magic number!”said Michael Recycle”how?”she said ”well liston to me reduse,reuse,recycle!that’s what you should do all the time that’s my job to make sure that everyone dose it!Now you go and tell everyone you know that”



27/11/2012 @ 17:13   Reply

Hi Ruth
what a great 100wc!




29/10/2012 @ 20:40   Reply

I really like how you used the song in our assembly to write your story! Good work 🙂
Mrs Gurney


   Mrs Darling

29/10/2012 @ 18:58   Reply

Wow Ruth… It’s so good to see you thinking carefully about your speech marks as well as that your writing makes sense. I enjoyed reading this.

Try not to make the font size too big as it makes it tricky to read you great writing.

Mrs Darling

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