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jamie’s poem

Filed under: Uncategorized — jamied at 6:51 pm on Thursday, October 25, 2012

As angry as a ant.

As beautiful as a bee.

As curly as a cone.

As deep as a ditch.

As eggy as a elephant.

As funny as my father.

As grotty as a goat.

As high as a hill.

As icy as a globe.

As joyful as Jamie.

As crusty as a clown.

As moshi as monsters.

As loopy as a lollpop.

As naughty as Nantes.

As old as a octopus.

As puffy as a puff fish.

As quick as a quail.

As rusty as a rabbit.

As smelly as a spider.

Travelling like a tortes.

As useless as a ufo.


As vice as a vampire.

As wet as water.

As exciting as xmas.

As yellow as a yeti.

As zippy as a zebra

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