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jack 100 word challenge #8

Filed under: Uncategorized — jackbo at 6:51 pm on Friday, November 9, 2012

One day Amy was thinking grandparents are important because when her grandparents arrived. “Grandma, granddad” she happily cried and jumped into grandma’s lap with such force granddad thought grandma would be squashed! But then disaster struck when two aliens came through the chimney and took them away!

Amy got really angry and spun into a tornado and when she stopped she had turned into a ninja with a gold sword and a magic breastplate. Then in a flash she flew up the chimney like a falcon and went to get them back.

The aliens knew she would come back and had a big fight, but in the end Amy won and took her dazzled grandparents back down to earth

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   Caroline Hardman (Team 100WC)

12/11/2012 @ 09:36   Reply

Wow, Jack – what an original approach to this prompt! I really enjoyed your story. It is full of creative and surprising ideas and you’ve used some fantastic language – ‘dazzled grandparents’, ‘in a flash’, ‘But then disaster struck….’. Keep up the fantastic 100WC work!

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