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Ezra’s poem

Filed under: Uncategorized — ezrar at 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 25, 2012

As enthusiastic as Einstein

As sticky as syrup

As helpful as a hedgehog

As bad as a ballet dancer

As fast as a frog

As fit as a footballer

As sporty as a swimmer

As loopy as a lollypop

As strong as a sumo-wrestler

As old as a grandad

As wrinkled as a granny

As determined as a dog

As feathery as a falcon

As daft as a demon

As furry as a caveman

As icy as an igloo

As crazy as a cat

As fast as a jaguar

As cheeky as a chimpanzee



   Mrs Darling

26/10/2012 @ 20:02   Reply

What a lot of similes Ezra! I especially love ‘as determined as a dog’ – I imagined a dog desperately digging for his bone!

Keep it up!

Mrs Darling



25/10/2012 @ 21:59   Reply

brilliant Ezzy!

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