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1oo wc # 4 by April

Filed under: Uncategorized — aprilb at 3:36 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012

Once upon a time there was a enormous wasteland with all kinds of  rubbish and there was to men that worked  there called Justin and Toby. But  one day they got very bored so they decided  to make a weee man. Which stands  for  waste electrical electronic equipment. They made him out of 35 phones 5 fringes and he has 23 teeth and all other kind of bits. He is 7 meters tall has big goggle eyes and  is very sharp. Lodes of people came to see  it  everyday and they earnt  a lot  of  money  from the  weee  man.



   Rachael (Team 100WC)

08/10/2012 @ 19:53   Reply

Hi April,

What an imaginative story! I like your idea about two men building a weee man, I agree with Ellie, it is clever. I think you may have mixed up the word ‘to,’ with the number ‘two.’ It’s a tricky one so watch out for it next time. You have some good descriptions though and a good imagination. I especially like the way you started your story. Keep writing!


   Mrs Hall-McNair

07/10/2012 @ 20:08   Reply

Hi April,
I also like the way you have detailed the items that make up your weee man. I also think the way you have set the story in an enormous wasteland is very descriptive.


   Chris (100wc team)

07/10/2012 @ 14:29   Reply

Well done, April!
I liked your description of the wasteland and the construction of the figure.
Maybe next time you could think of an adventure involving it coming to life?

Work on getting your punctuation in all the right places to been better.

Keep writing, April!



05/10/2012 @ 21:35   Reply

Dear April , what a brilliant story I really like how you have described how tall he was how many teeth he had it was brilliant, however check your punctuation mistakes.

From your friends at

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