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“What is that “mumbled Jack. Jack looked around, he thought he saw something move then he called to his mum and dad “MUM DAD” howled Jack “What the matter son” replied his father “Nothing “answered Jack. Suddenly something moved again he couldn’t see anything nor hear anything. Then Jack decided to investigate so he climbed out of his window and slid down the oak tree like it was a fireman’s pole. Then he heard it again and saw someone running in between the two apple trees he saw the man had a hard metal gun in his hand it was a poacher!!! Then he saw a dead pigeon laying on the hard rocky ground suddenly the poacher saw Jack he raised his gun…



   Amy (team 100wc)

01/11/2012 @ 11:10   Reply

Well done for entering the 100wc this week Ezra! I really enjoyed reading your story. You really built up the tension from the beginning and made me wonder what Jack was going to find.I think my favourite sentence has to be: ‘…slid down the oak tree like it was a fireman’s pole’. Keep up the fab work 🙂



20/10/2012 @ 18:21   Reply

I really like your writing Ezra! Your use of vocabulary is great… Good use of synonyms for said 🙂
Mrs Gurney

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