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100wc#4by Grace

Filed under: Uncategorized — gracet at 3:40 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012

It was a normal day for the WEEE man but then he saw a media hurdling towards earth he screamed for help because he couldn’t move. Someone noticed it was Kate Middleton as a nine year old.  She asked a man to help her lift him up. He helped her lift him up and the media hit the bang was so big that everyone fell on there backs. The weee man was grateful and gave Kate a blessing. The blessing of wishes. He asked Kate her wish ‘’ I want to be a princess’’ she said ‘’so you will  be ‘said the wee man.




22/10/2012 @ 15:01   Reply

This is really good Grace! I really like the way you have used Kate Middleton as a child and relate it to real life!




20/10/2012 @ 18:32   Reply

Hi Grace. I am so impressed with how grown up you are being about wanting to improve your writing. I was so impressed with how you used your reading book to find interesting words you can use in your own writing :-). Wow



19/10/2012 @ 20:56   Reply

Hello Lynda I am glad you like my story my wish would be to proberly to fly and change invisible whenever I wanted thanks for commiting. I am also glad you like my writeing because I want to be an authour and I am happy that peple like my writeing when I am nine so this is the first step.I want to be an authour because I want to show younger peaple new words. I normally get words from books that I read like today I was reading the BFG I found a great smilerly it was his teth sat in mouth like pieces of bread in his mouth. If you want to be an auther get a nother auther to inspier you.The person who inspierd me was Jacqueline Wilson.



09/10/2012 @ 20:13   Reply

Dear Grace,
I like how yoy have put Kaite Middleton in your 100WC however I think this is a great 100WC but maybe next time you could add some more punctuation


   Miss Kitching (Team 100WC)

07/10/2012 @ 21:22   Reply

Hello Grace. This is a lovely story, how nice of the younger Kate Middleton to help save the WEEE man. This is a lovely thing to do for someone, I bet he was very scared he was going to get hit. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Good work :-).


   Lynda D (Team 100WC)

07/10/2012 @ 16:27   Reply

I had to read this twice to make sure I fully understood. Then I realised that you meant ‘meteor’. Then it all made sense! What great imagination you have, Grace. I wish I could meet the WEE man and he could grant my wish. I wonder what your wish would be?

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