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100wc#4 by William

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 Eventually the weee man was under way and it was getting built from the earth all the way up to  7 meters tall into the sky. The men who where building the giant weee man were about mid way up 3 and a half meters up in to the sky.It was getting harder and harder because the men could not reach. The  weee man was getting higher they  had to get some ladders .Meanwhile the builders went and had some lunch. And after that it was getting really high and the head of the weee man would not go on top.




12/10/2012 @ 17:36   Reply

Hi William
i enjoyed reading about the weee man i thought it was funny.


   Jo Hetherington

05/10/2012 @ 20:25   Reply

I wonder how they will solve the problem of getting the head to go on top?

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