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100wc#4 by Ruth.

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One day there was a little butterfly called Penny and she loved watching the WEEE man she loved him soooooo much she had pitchers of him in room and her Mum was confused how she liked him ‘’IT’S JUNK!!!’’Said her mum. So one day her mum took Doctors to see if she was ill!!!’’arararrararar’’ said  Penny ’’no she fine ‘’said the Doctor. so they went home and Penny went to bed and so did her Mum but her Dad was already in bed! So it was morning and Penny didn’t like the WEEE man any more but guess what her Mum liked the WEEE man now ‘’Oh no’’ said her Dad!




06/10/2012 @ 18:53   Reply

I can see you have been really trying on your writing and stories !!! well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


   Mrs Darling

05/10/2012 @ 18:50   Reply


I can see you have been really working on your writing and stories! You have really tried hard to use speech marks well! I wonder how come Mum ended up liking the WEEE man. I hope it isn’t too contagious as I don’t want to catch it!

Keep it up!!!

Mrs Darling

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