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100wc#4 by Nadine

Filed under: Uncategorized — nadinem at 3:37 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012

  One day a man built a robot and called it weee   man and after 20year the weee man was sill enormous but old, black brown , gloomy and gooey the weee  man  who built came back to see if the weee  man was still standing up and the man’s pet came to see the  man  butterfly name was  Ruth  and he dog name Tigan the both came down Tiegan was running  and Ruth was on the back they all look but then the weee man move he fourth it was rill  the weee man did move it was exited and rill !!!!!!!!!!.



   Dr. Lisa (Team 100WC)

08/10/2012 @ 13:28   Reply

This is fun, Nadine. You may want to think about spelling and where to put periods. I love the name, Weee Man.”

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