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100WC by William Michael Recycle

Filed under: Uncategorized — williamh at 9:46 am on Saturday, October 27, 2012

One big dump site and one Michael Recycle that helps us recycle our rubbish. So we do not put it on the floor and make our environment messy. Michael Recycle is a recycling hero. He does not like to see rubbish on the floor it will make him feel sick but he will pick it up and he will feel better. So when you have rubbish put it in the bin because it is so much easier for us all so you must do it now . So get your bin and put the rubbish in if you are finding it hard Michael recycle will help.

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27/10/2012 @ 15:05   Reply

I really like your ideas Wiiliam, but you need to make sure you re-read before you publish your writing to check it makes sense! Mrs Gurney

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