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100WC by Elizabeth #6

Filed under: Uncategorized — elizabethp at 6:07 pm on Friday, October 19, 2012

“Mum can we please go some where for my holiday please!!!!!!”  cried Jessie .

“ If you are quiet for a day” said her Mum.

“ Ok “ shouted Jessie.

A day later in bed Jessie there lay awake thinking to her self  I wonder where is Mum going to take me for my holiday.

“Good morning beautiful gues where we are for your holiday ?”.

“ Um Paris?”.

“Nope we are going to Disney Land !!”

“Wow , when are we leaving”

“Now get your coat on  were leaving”

When they got there Jessie felt strange and she said

“What is that?”…….



   millie and sumedh yr 5

24/10/2012 @ 11:56   Reply

We really liked your story.Next time you need to check your spelling because you spelt guess wrong. 🙂 🙂 🙂



23/10/2012 @ 20:47   Reply

Hey Elizerbeth Gracexxx



22/10/2012 @ 15:14   Reply

Hi there Elizabeth, your 100 word challenge is so exciting, sounds so exciting.. I mean. Yeah, you have thought about your punctuation too! I really enjoy creating 100 word challenges and I hope to hear more soon, you have a good chance of winning!

Chloe 🙂


   Kathy @ Team 100WC

20/10/2012 @ 22:38   Reply

What a suspenseful story Elizabeth – I wonder what the rest of the story would be? Very good writing, building up to the end in that way. Keep up the good work.



20/10/2012 @ 18:13   Reply

I really like your use of speech too Elizabeth! It is great to see you using what we have learnt in class :-).
Mrs Gurney



19/10/2012 @ 19:54   Reply

You have really thought about your punctuation. Then when there was a new speaker you really thought about it and then did a new line for EVERY new speaker I think you have really thought about it so well done and I had real fun reading this so keep up the good work Elizabeth and I will be looking forward to reading more of your great writing.

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