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100 word challenge by cecilias

Filed under: Uncategorized — cecilias at 1:01 pm on Saturday, November 3, 2012

“Sally can you pick up my toy car from the river!” asked timmy, who was only 4 years old.
“NO,you do it because you are the one who is the baby and babes need to learn how to do stuff !” explained Sally while throwing her 30th sweety wrapper in the river!
Suddenly there was a big puff of shiny glitter! It was MR, MICHEL RECYCLE!”Sally pick all of those wrappers up from the river,and that toy car! shouted Michel recycle,heroically!
“Your not my mother….”
“But i am a hero and i look after the world so you should do what i want you to and no complains, chop chop!” interrupted michel recycle!
what will sally do?

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03/11/2012 @ 13:04   Reply

I really like your use of rhetorical question and the way you opened your story with speech :-). Great synonyms for said as well. Good work!
Mrs Gurney

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