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100 wc by william # 6

Filed under: Uncategorized — williamh at 6:04 pm on Friday, October 19, 2012

One cold gloomy morning I was sitting on the beach and all of a sudden it got very stormy and everything was all over the place.  The wavy choppy sea splashing the hotels as well as wooden windows flying around the beach. I had my rain coat on and I decided that I was going to go home. As soon as I got home it was very very very hot and sunny  so I said  I’am going outside when I went out it started raining I was  cross! I saw a waving crowd of shouting people what is that so I was going to join  in with them and they suddenly stopped.

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20/10/2012 @ 18:14   Reply

Great use of adjectives William 🙂
Mrs Gurney

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