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100 wc by Aprilb

Filed under: Uncategorized — aprilb at 9:20 pm on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A month ago  I was walking in the woods with my dog when I heard a  twig snap behind me and when I was looking down I was surprised to see a little pixie standing in front of my feet. I screamed and ran but the pixie used its magic and froze me the she turned me round and un freezed  me, but after that expriance I bent down and it said to me” I only want a friend ” so I slowly and calmly said “well I will be your friend, what’s   your name” ” my name  is lila said the pixie “oh my names roxy” then we heard a nother twig  behind both of us but lila said it wasn’t a pixie because pixies never come in this forest………


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