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100 wc #4 by Tilly

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One day a WEEE man was made of old metal his teeth have   gaps and he is a stature. A man came and did some magic and the WEEE man was alive so he can be a friend of a boy called Louie. It’s 7m tall. It has 36 mobile phones and more. It was made in 1884 on a wintery day. The WEEE mans weight is 3.3 tones. The WEEE man 7 meters tall and is made all out of metal. One dark night Louie said “good night” to the WEEE man because it was night time.    By Tilly




10/10/2012 @ 20:56   Reply

I like some of your description Tilly :-). Next time try to write something happening to the characters in the story. Well done!
Mrs Gurney



10/10/2012 @ 18:56   Reply

Hi Tilly
Great piece of writing for this weeks 100wc. You have made good use of vocabulary and puctuation to add interest to your story, just try not to mix up your past and present tenses, but well done overall
Mrs Robinson 100WC Team

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