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100 wc #4 by jamie

Filed under: Uncategorized — jamied at 3:28 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012

Once there was a awesome man called The Weee (for waste and electronic, electrical and equipment) The Weee man is a 3.3-tonne structure. He is 7metres tall the average British house- hold throws away in a life time. He was made in 1984 and The Weee man is made out of mobile phones, dish washers and cables Ect. And he shows to start recycling and see what you can make out of it and people call him the creepy man because he looks creepy also fascinating to. The creepy man is where coronal is and he is fascinating to everyone.




11/10/2012 @ 19:41   Reply

Jamie I really like your story I think that it’s great



05/10/2012 @ 17:52   Reply

Dear Jamie,
Great 100wc I like how you gave the sturture a intersing name, (WEEE) Where did you make that up? You desribed the WEEE amazingly however, next time you could of used more connectives insted of sentences.


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