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dragons and michael recycle by Georgia

Filed under: Georgia — georgiard at 9:46 am on Saturday, October 27, 2012

once upon a time there lived a little baby dragon who lived in china and his name was Sam.Sam had a big sister called Elizabeth.They had fun and fun again till one day there was a giant storm that hurt Elizabeth because she got hit by a tree.

But then a voice came out of the bush and explained”my name is michael-recycle i will try to help your sister””OK” said sam in a tiny voice.michael-recycle had a brilliant idea to help sams sister,and that idea was to use his recycle tools he only had 12mins left to help Elizabeth.The tools where a magic pick-stick and a magic shovel and theses magic things do lots of good things to help animals and people.know michael-recyle had only 8mins left to help sams sister and ended up as a happy ever after


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27/10/2012 @ 15:06   Reply

I wonder what magic Michael Recycle did to help save Sam’s sister?
Mrs Gurney

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