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My 100 word #7 by April – Michael Recycle

Filed under: Fun Stuff — aprilb at 9:52 am on Sunday, October 28, 2012

One day the the dustbin car wouldn`t start so they waited for 2 hours. So the macanic but the macanic had the day off. So the macanic gave him Michael recycles number. So they called him and said can you pick up all the rubbish and then off he went. Then suddenly all the rubbish started to pop up. They were soo amazed that they could just sit down and watch.These people were quiet lazy and didn`t like doing the job.and when michael recycle got back he had to do all the work but half way trow he got very annoyed so he made them do all the work.




29/10/2012 @ 08:33   Reply

WOW!!!i like it a lot



28/10/2012 @ 21:25   Reply

I really like your ideas April! Don’t forget that speech marks go around what is being said.
For example “Can you pick up all the rubbish?”

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