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alexs aphabet poem

Filed under: Fun Stuff — alexo at 7:15 pm on Saturday, November 10, 2012

As angry as a apple

As blue as a blueberry

As crazy as a kangaroo

As dull as a deer

As enormous as a elephant

As ferocious as force

As great as grand

As high as heaven

As inky as ink

As jumpy as a jack in the box

As crowned as a king

As lemon as a lime

As mild as a Meer cat

As near as now

As open as a ocean

As peer as a pear

As quiet as a queen

As reeking as a rat

As sizzled as a sausage

As tough as a tiger

As used as a unicycle

Vapour like a volcano

As Wonderful as a world

As xciting as xylophone

As yappy as a yapper

As zipped as a zip



   Mrs Darling

11/11/2012 @ 20:23   Reply

Wow Alex,

What lovely similes!

My favourites are:

‘As mild as a Meer cat’


‘As reeking as a rat’

Keep up your great writing!

Mrs Darling



10/11/2012 @ 19:32   Reply

Some great similes Alex! Well done 🙂
Mrs Gurney

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