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Alex’s michael recycle

Filed under: Fun Stuff — alexo at 10:04 am on Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michael recycle

One fine day while the dust bin man was coming up the road.

He was in a hurry because he was delayed.

He swung in to the curb and slammed the bins in to the truck this happened a series of times on every house.

When he left he left tones of junk behind.

The next day a boy called Michael slipped over a banana peel and fell


He yelled.

The Neobiars had here ear drums popping like microwave popcorn.

Michael thought to him self

If I use this rubbish recycle it I could make a giant robot!!!!!!!!!

The next day it was a sunny day just right for testing his robot,

He got his controller

Ready and pressed the power button

Suddenly it started to talk


It said in a sharp voice

Suddenly Michael

Heard large screams from the distance it was like when he had a dream about he couldn’t get a song out of his head and the speakers grew and turned into the universe.

It started head downtown, to the mechanics workshop.

When he arrived the robot screeched his humongous body to his right facing the recycle yard when he did the control panel on his back opened

“Hey that’s my spanner!!!” shouted the mechanic



They tried wobbling it and soon enough …

“Weeeeeeeeeee, dang!”


“That’s it”

Said the mechanic


said the dust bin man

”it was my spanner making this happen all this time.

The mechanic got a net and a tow truck a pulled it to the museum.

A few years later there was a knock on the door.

“ the Michael sir great will be receiving a crown at the museum, atLondon.

after Days and nights of travelling toLondon, they finally arrived.

They were greeted in to the museum they soon saw the queen.

“ Mr picker I will declare your son king of the museum because of this beautiful sculpture”

The end




31/10/2012 @ 10:14   Reply

What a great story Alex! I really like eardrums popping like popcorn! That makes me imagine the popping in my head! Great use of new line, new speaker too
Don’t forget the “said….” goes on the same line.
So “That’s it!” said the mechanic
Well done Alex! 🙂
Mrs Gurney

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