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100WC#4 by Alex

Filed under: Fun Stuff — alexo at 3:33 pm on Friday, October 5, 2012

One fine day at Edan there was a new sculpture called the Weee man.

Where did it come from…

How was it made…

How old was it…?


The next day, a boy from a day visit kicked the Weee man.


Suddenly it came alive and started an attack.

the whole Cornwall was in danger, the battle was still on the next morning.


Quickly his battery ran out so the place was safe.

Weeks later the place was cleaned up and Weee man was destroyed and they made a brand new sculpture to replace the Weee man

                   the end




11/10/2012 @ 19:36   Reply

Alex I really like your story


   Chris (100wc team)

07/10/2012 @ 14:25   Reply

Well done, Alex!

You’re ideas are good and I like the way you used questions at the start.

With more than 100 words, you’ll have chance to explain and describe more.

Keep writing!


   Mrs Neale Team 100WC

06/10/2012 @ 16:41   Reply

I really enjoyed reading your story for the 100WC Alex, well done.
You have a good beginning, middle and end to your story with the little boy kicking the statue, creating the problem. I loved the way that you involved me as a reader by asking the questions too and you have skilfully used time connectives.
Before you publish your work do a final check, read your sentences through to make sure that you haven’t left any words out and check for the obvious capital letters and full stops.
Thank you for sharing your storywriting!


   Mrs Darling

05/10/2012 @ 18:52   Reply


I can see you have tried to space your story out into paragraphs and used some great story language ‘One fine day, suddenly, weeks later’. I really enjoyed reading this and am wondering what statue replaced the WEEE man?

Mrs Darling



    06/10/2012 @ 13:28   

    I agree good story Alex

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