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100 wc by Aprilb

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A month ago  I was walking in the woods with my dog when I heard a  twig snap behind me and when I was looking down I was surprised to see a little pixie standing in front of my feet. I screamed and ran but the pixie used its magic and froze me the she turned me round and un freezed  me, but after that expriance I bent down and it said to me” I only want a friend ” so I slowly and calmly said “well I will be your friend, what’s   your name” ” my name  is lila said the pixie “oh my names roxy” then we heard a nother twig  behind both of us but lila said it wasn’t a pixie because pixies never come in this forest………

Tilly’s Halloween home work

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Early, one Halloween evening, Max was preparing to dress up as a creepy troll and go trick or treating with his friend, Alex.

Max decided to walk to Alex’s house a different way and told his mum he didn’t need a map.

When he came out of his house, he turned left and headed towards the gloomy, damp woods. He was sure he knew the shortcut but soon discovered he was quite lost. He didn’t recognise any of the trees or the path.
Max heard a snap of a branch behind him and he quickly turned around, and took a huge step backwards.
Slowly the sky got darker………

A new year has started !!!!!!!!!

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what does it feel like



Louie’s story.

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Once upon a time their lived a super villan called toothy man and he eats monkey guts and monkey eye balls.
One morning he fell of a cliff and know one knows if he’s still alive the end.

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we was in class we were learning CPR

“what’s the point who’s had a heart attack”


that night I went trick or treating with my sister we went to a graveyard house.

the rusty gate creaked open there was no door, we walked in.


there was a potion on the table we drunk it we could walk through things we couldn’t pick things up we didn’t like it


the note on the table said we had to scare someone


, we rushed home and scared are mum she had a heart attack I remembered what I had learned, I saved her